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Sanibel Sea School

Sanibel Sea School is dedicated to teaching children about the ocean and the vital role it plays in our lives. At Sanibel Sea School, the ocean is a classroom where fun and adventure go hand in hand with learning. A holistic, scalable brand architecture was developed to evolve as the school grows and expands its outreach.

360° Brand Architecture

The brand architecture includes master and inline logos, illustrations and icons.

Stationery System

Brand Extension: Patches, Awareness Campaign, Signage and Sticker

The style guide includes guidance for brand stewardship, tone and voice, and visual executions.

Top Row: The website was developed in accordance to the brand style guide. Co-branded web banner, center and Facebook page, right.

Bottom Row: Co-branded Banner Ads

Sanibel Sea School apparel includes merit patches and t-shirts.

Images of the “#Go Commando” button, Ocean Discovery Center Signage and home page courtesy of Sanibel Sea School.

Home page illustration by Jerimiah Brown.

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